Start-up Foundation - Start-up Story


Startup Vietnam Foundation – SVF was officially established in 2014 as the very first and only non-profit socialization fund in Vietnam to support the open innovation ecosystem.

Continuously for 5 years, SVF has contributed to building the ecosystem throughout the territory through activities to improve local core competencies, training the leadership team of SMEs/ startups. This ecosystem is the foundation for us to seek and select projects to continue consulting and imposing technology - solutions and increasing value chains by connecting investment and supporting commercialization, helping products to be promoted in domestic and international markets.

Over the past 5 years, with the strong desire to connect different valuably shining talents from individuals to government and organizations, SVF has reached key proud milestones:
- Connected with 25 provinces and cities in Vietnam;
- Connected and signed MoU with 7 provinces;
- Reached 10,000 people with more than 100 startup programs/ competitions held;
- Trained, supported for more than 100 startups;
- Established a network of more than 360 startup consultants and organized more than 11 training courses for startups.