Female Contestant Surprised Hanoi Buffaloes’ Tryout 2019


Hanoi, Vietnam – Hanoi Buffaloes Basketball Team on Sunday 21 April 2019 hosted a player recruitment event at its home court in Hanoi, preparing for the upcoming VBA League 2019. Among many of candidates flocking to the tryout, the show-up of a small girl astonished all.

Nguyen Thi Diep – the only female candidate with a height of 1m52 shared that she woke up at 5 a.m and travelled over 40km from Soc Son district to to Bach Khoa Gymnasium, Hanoi to participate the tryout. “I want to try my best and improve my skills through this recruitment. Also, the registration form does not specify whether candidates must be male or female, so I really want to try it once. “, she said.

Diep was right and eligible to attend the recruitment for Hanoi Buffaloes in the VBA 2019. Depsite not having ideal physical advantages, Diep made it through 6 basic tests and was shortlisted in 40 most oustanding candidates.

Team Coach Todd Purves spoke highly of Diep’s determination and love for Hanoi Buffaloes and basketball, “Diep is a wonderful girl, she has the spirit of Hanoi Buffaloes. She is not afraid. Diep comes here with a lot of energy and has a good team spirit. Although she is a bit shy compared to other players, she is a great girl, I am very proud that she came to attend Hanoi Buffaloes ‘s the recruitment event today”.

Though Diep could not make it to the finalists, she enjoyed herself at the event and had the opportunity to meet and play basketball with Hanoi Buffaloes’ players. The Club Management also came to meet Diep and presented her with a gift, encouraging her to nurture the love with the orange ball and especiall, the love for the Capital’s basketbal team.

The Hanoi Buffaloes Tryout for VBA 2019 closed with fruitful results and received great attention from the potential players and the fans. VBA 2019 is set to kick off in May 2019.